Cara y Corazón

Cara y Corazón- Living with Face and Heart

The movement and healing of a people is based on the community’s interdependent responsibility to each other. The interdependent responsibility is taken from the ancient concept – En Lak Etch-You are my other me- Tu eres mi otro yo. It means we all have a purpose of living and that we should be reflections of each other. Our actions affect each other and our behaviors are reflections of the respect we have for each other. Each is a teacher and a student for one another.

These principles are the foundation on which the Face and Heart/Cara y Corazón curriculum is based. They are contained in four essential values represented through Face and Heart/Cara y Corazón.

Jerry Tello, author of the Cara y Corazón curriculum, is available for trainings, workshops and keynote lectures on the subject of Family Strengthening, Rebalancing and Community Mobilization.